New Advanced Computing Infrastructure: Large Memory Server “Meton”

I’m pleased to announce that the advanced computing Infrastructure offered by ICT for research, teaching, and training, has been expanded.  ICT has added a large memory server named (after Meton of Athens, continuing the Greek philosopher theme for these research resources) for researcher and teaching use.


Meton is a Linux server with a LOT of direct access memory: 2 terabytes (= 2048 gigabytes) of RAM.  By way of context, when I started working in HPC in 2001, it was a big deal when we installed a specialized array of hard drives that provided, altogether, 1.3TB of disk storage.   That entire disk array could quite nicely fit in memory on Meton—with room left over to store the contents of our 2009 large memory server, Moneta, twice over.

Meton was designed to meet both high performance / advanced computing needs, as well as to support many smaller jobs.  It can be used for a few very large jobs, expanding what is possible to be done computationally at the University; it also can be used by many researchers at the same time.  One of the requests we frequently get is “I need a bigger computer!”, where research calculations or modeling just don’t run very fast (or at all!) on a laptop or desktop anymore.  With 2TB of RAM and 48 cores, Meton is the very definition of that bigger computer, and is available to faculty and their designates in support of their research.  There is no charge for the use of Meton, or any of the UofS advanced computing infrastructure.

ICT has also recently expanded the research and training HPC clusters, and staff are doing final configuration on the upgrade of Plato.  Stay tuned for all the details later this month!

As always, for any questions about Advanced Computing / HPC, including requesting access to Meton (or Plato, Zeno, Moneta, or Socrates), please write to — we’d love to hear from you.

Technical Specifications: Large Memory Server
48 cores (4x dodeca-core Xeon E7-4850 @ 2.3GHz )
2048 GB (2TB) RAM
1.6TB scratch storage space
RedHat Enterprise Linux



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