New ArcGIS, MATLAB, web site

We have a few changes to announce – new versions of ArcGIS and MATLAB, and an updated ICT web site.

First, if you go to the old research computing web pages, you will be redirected to a different page – the new web site for ICT. To see our new web pages, please take a poke at this web page. We hope you will enjoy the new look. Please let us know (the same old email address) if there are any problems with our pages.

We also have some new software releases to get you into the swing of the summer research season. (Snow on the ground notwithstanding.)

The current version of ArcGIS, version 10.2.2, is now available on the GISJane fileserver. (Here is a list of bugs fixed.) The install directions have not been updated yet, but  are the same, with minor changes (e.g. 1022 for 1021 throughout). If you have a recent version of ArcGIS installed, it will be overwritten. Older versions (9.x, or 10.0) will have to be removed before installation – a utility is provided to help you do that. It is at the top of the install screen. After installing the program, remember to patch it. (Yes, there are patches already – in the Patches directory on GISJane. The primary one fixes a long standing problem with printing.)

The last note is that MATLAB R2014a is available as well. (See all the wild new stuff in this release.) If you want to use this, please contact your local desktop support staff and we will work with them to help you get the latest MATLAB on your computer.

Hopefully these will help you in your research and scholarly endeavours this summer!

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