ICT Research Computing is happy to announce that the university has purchased core COMSOL licenses for researchers.

What is this?
COMSOL is a finite element analysis program. (Finite element analysis is a numerical technique for the solution of the partial differential equations underling many physical phenomena. Through the use of separate modules, COMSOL provides analysis of a number of specific phenomena, such as stress and strain, corrosion, optics, fatigue and battery modelling.

Why is this being done?

Because there are a number of COMSOL users across the university, we can save researchers some time and money by sharing the common core licenses.

How is this done?
The University has purchased a sufficient number of the core software licenses. Researchers  need only purchase the relevant modules that they need. If the researchers agree to pool their module licenses, then ICT will be responsible for paying the annual maintenance of the modules after purchase.

Whom do I contact?
Please send an email to for more information.

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