Maple 18

Maple 18 is now available on campus.

For those that use Maple in their research, there is a new version (18) of Maple available on campus. Remember that this software cannot  be installed on student machines, and can’t be made available through remote access, like terminal server.

There are a number of new features available in this version of Maple. They are summarised by MapleSoft on this web site, but some of those that caught my eye are:

  • Code generation: I had thought that it was cool when Maple got the capability to produce Fortran code (long ago). Now it can produce Perl and Python – it isn’t quite as cool now, but it is keeping up with the times as Python becomes the de facto  programming language in a number of fields.
  • Visualisation: There are several improvements, but one that was interesting was putting a picture as the background of a plot. Functions to visualise signals and signal processing have also been added. And 3D plots can  be exported to solid printers (among other formats).
  • Training: Maple provides features for students, including for statistics and solving linear problems. These help the students see the steps behind the solutions. Maple can also generate quizzes for instructors.
  • Physics support: Maple can handle solution of algebraic expressions that often occur in physics,like “improvements in the simplification of annihilation and the creation of fermionic operators” which at least sounds very “The Big Bang Theory“-ish.

You can read more at the MapleSoft blog.

Contact research computing for details on installation of the software.

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