Software Notes

Here is developing news on MATLAB (updates & conference), ArcGIS (updates) and Maple (conference).


The central license server was recently updated to permit us to use MATLAB R2013b (and beyond) on campus. Contact your local desktop support people or for more information on installing the new version.

There have also been updates to the number of seats for 3 toolboxes (optimisation, signal processing, wavelets) that were seeing extensive conflicts for use.

Speaking of MATLAB, Mathworks is holding a “virtual conference” on March 26 . It is free, but you must register to attend (or perhaps more precisely, connect).


Maplesoft is also holding their virtual user summit for Maple users this month (Feb 27). It is also free, but requires registration.


The current version of ArcGIS (10.2.1) is now available for installation. The install web page information is still being updated, but the software can be installed from the \\gisjane\Install_ArcGIS1021 share. The software can be installed on machines that have ArcGIS 10.1 or 10.2 without removing the old version.

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