Update on CyViz Viz3D Graphic Display System at WestGrid Facility

A major upgrade of the graphic display hardware which is used with the CyViz Viz3D system at the WestGrid Collaboration and Visualization Facility (WGCVF) was completed this past summer. If you are unaware of the unique services offered at the WGVCF, this facility offers superior videoconferencing capabilities which were recently augmented through the provision of a new Smart Board subsystem (see earlier BLOG entry). Additionally and more relative  to this announcement, full stereoscopic 3D data display is supported using a rich portfolio of software applications. Furthermore, the facility provides a multi-participant collaborative environment (up to 12 individuals) with seating and table space that can be reconfigured to suit any specific meeting setting.


Stereoscopic 3D data display is an integral component of the WGCVF. This capability is enabled by a CyViz Viz3D projection system which utilizes passive technology for stereo imaging. Summarizing, this technology uses two projectors to display the left/right eye images which are polarized by special filters mounted in front of the lenses before being projected onto the screen simultaneously. Polarized glasses worn by the viewer selectively deliver the left/right images to the appropriate eye.


Note: CyViz Viz3D projector pair is on top. Also note the polarizing filter panel mounted in front of projector pair lenses.

It was recognized that researchers required extraordinary computational support when using modern data modeling and graphic visualization application software. The new graphic server, which is dedicated for use with the CyViz Viz3D display system, is vastly superior to the system that was initially installed and boasts one of best graphic cards available to the scientific marketplace. More specifically, the primary configuration specs are:

  • LENOVO ThinkStation C30 c/w dual 2.0/2.5GHz HEX core CPU’s
  • 64GB main system memory
  • 240GB SSD disk drive and 500GB 7200RPM SATA drive
  • PNY (NVIDIA) K5000 graphic card c/w 4GB RAM

Operationally, the computer application being used is controlled by someone sitting in the room (usually at the back) using a wireless keyboard and mouse. Multiple mice can be used for multiuser control of the application. Additionally, hand held gyro mice have been successfully tested. The new server is accessible on the campus network via remote desktop for data loading.

The following suite of software applications is currently installed:

  • ESRI’s ArcGIS suite
  • AVIZO Standard
  • ParaView
  • Chimera

Please discuss with us your particular needs to see if we can accommodate other software.

If you and/or your students are interested in learning more about the WGCVF and using it, please feel free to contact us at WestGridRoomConsult@usask.ca. Demos can be arranged. Additionally, if you are interested in establishing advanced data visualization capabilities including stereo 3D in your lab(s) on a smaller personal/workgroup scale I encourage you to read an earlier posted article at this BLOG titled  “Looking at your data in Stereo 3D” and/or please contact us at research_computing@usask.ca.

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