New Smart Board for Collaboration in WestGrid Facility

ICT has recently installed a Smart Board in the WestGrid Collaboration and Visualization Facility (WGCVF) which will give researchers more, and better, ways to share information during meetings and videoconferences.

The WGCVF houses an impressive suite of visualization and collaboration equipment, offering services and in-room technical support for high definition video conferencing to 3D visualization to telephone, Vidyo, and Skype support.   The room exists to facilitate research, including 3D visualization, and research collaboration for all UofS researchers.


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Research Computing group adds Data Management expertise

At the beginning of this month, Sean Cavanaugh joined us in Research Computing as the High Performance Computing (HPC) Data Management Analyst.

Sean Cavanaugh

Sean joined the University in 2008, and has been working in ICT Platforms doing systems support on  WestGrid/Compute Canada infrastructure housed at the U of S.  He has had a hand in building and/or supporting nearly all of the HPC infrastructure on campus, including private researcher clusters and the ICT HPC training and research systems.  His background is in Computer Science; he has a wealth of experience with Compute Canada systems, and the tools needed to effectively organize and transfer data.  Sean’s new role with us will continue to have an HPC and WestGrid focus, but with more emphasis on big data, researcher support, and building/leveraging the tools researchers need to move, analyze, and store their data.
If you need help with organizing large amounts of data, making better use of WestGrid/Compute Canada storage, optimizing your research data transfer rates, or just want to meet and discuss your data issues, please contact Sean and the rest of the team at