Maple 17.01 Update Released

I thought I should post a short bit about the Maple update for those not at the I.T. Managers’ Forum this week. (It also gives a bit more content than I gave at the forum about Maple.)

MapleSoft has released an update for Maple 17, update 01. This update is available from the FTP site, in the same directory as the Maple install files. As with the installation files, there is an update for each platform supported.

The part of the update that caught my eye is that the Maple Toolbox for MATLAB, introduced at version 17, has been updated to work with the current version of MATLAB, 2013a.

While we’re on the topic of Maple, I’d like to bring up a note from the Maple website – their User Case Studies page. There are some interesting cases there, including one on teaching 11 year old Australian students about integral calculus.

One of the features of Mathematica is the Computable Document Format  (CDF) that Wolfram promotes for transportable code. Using CDF, one can create a Mathematica notebook that can be shared with other people, even those without Mathematica. Maple has launched a similar project called “The Möbius Project“. (Note that both of these formats still require special “readers” that provide the underlying functionality.)

If you have any questions about the update (or other research computing queries), please contact us.

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