Stata 13 released

We have a 40 seat license for Stata. On Monday (June 24), Stata 13 was released, and we now have this installed on campus. See below for the new features, etc. in the new version.Stata 13 can be accessed in the same ways that the previous versions could: either directly on your Windows 64 bit computer by linking to the campus share (outlined on the Stata page); or by using the ICT virtual lab.

There are a number of new features in Stata 13, while these are enumerated on the Stata site, some of the features I noticed were:

  • Treatment effects: this provides an estimate of the effects of a process on outcomes. This is intended to provide information when control groups can’t be used effectively, or sampling is not random.
  • Structural equation modelling (SEM): Linear SEM was introduced in Stata 12. In the new version, a number of improvements have been made to increase the breadth of application.
  • ¬†Power and sample size analysis: This feature allows you to determine the sample size required for various confidence levels. (I feel that have to link to this video in relation to this.)
  • Long strings: Strings length of up to two billion bytes re now permitted.
  • Better file management.

If you have questions about Stata, please contact Research Computing.

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