Researcher Computing Guide updated

We’ve updated the online Researcher Computing Guide to outline the IT services and facilities available and of interest to researchers. It will be especially valuable for researchers new to the university, but might also be a good refresher for established researchers.

We have services to:

  • Get your research started faster (e.g., Virtual machines, internal cloud, storage options)
  • Lower your costs (e.g., software site licenses, access to shared facilities)
  • Save your time (e.g., have us do the backups, patches, cluster management)
  • Help you with grant applications, quotations, data management plans
  • Support your research (e.g.,  services for building web sites, application development)

We’re here to help your research succeed.  If you’re not getting IT help that you need, please let us know.  Email us at

There are also other guides for students, for instructors, for mobile devices, and for IT security, among others.

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