Warning : MicroSoft hotfix rollup causes problems with ArcGIS

ESRI has issued a warning that a particular set of patches called a “hotfix rollup” for Windows 7 and Server 2008 will cause problems with ArcGIS. Do not manually install “hotfix rollup” KB 2775511.

This rollup is not part of the normal suite of patches delivered to Windows computers, and regular updates from MicroSoft do not pose a problem. A user would have to manually download this hotfix package to install it.

There are reports that this MicroSoft patch may have caused problems with other software as well – for example, here. (See last comment.)

When a patch is available for ArcGIS, this blog article will be updated. Patches for ArcGIS are available at the download site.


3 thoughts on “Warning : MicroSoft hotfix rollup causes problems with ArcGIS

  1. While no patch has been developed by ESRI for this problem yet, a work-around has been found. That being – disable a network protocol called “SMBv2” on your PC.

    An email from ESRI sent today says:

    “If you are experiencing this bug and are unable to follow any existing workarounds, you should disable SMBv2 on the server or on Workstation PC’s. Link to Microsoft’s instructions how to disable SMBv2 here – http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2696547

    Also, disabling SMBv2 can improve ArcGIS Desktop performance in general (in terms of accessing .mxd and FGDB files on a remote Windows 2008R2 / Windows 7 PC).”

    Note that in the KB article, MicroSoft warns that you will lose several features if SMBv2 is turned off.

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