New ICT Team to Support Research

Research Computing is an all new team working to coordinate Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services to better support U of S researchers.

The newly launched unit comprises experienced ICT staff already well known to many researchers: Jason Hlady; Ian MacPhedran; team leader Keith Jeffrey; and Brian Reilkoff.RC Team 2013-04-10

The Research Computing team will assess the ICT needs of researchers, assist them in using existing services, explore new tools that may be of help to them, and inform researchers of service enhancements. The team will draw on the staff and services of the entire ICT portfolio in its mission to support research success.

ICT already provides many services important to researchers including access to high speed research networks, email, online survey tools, videoconferencing, etc., as well as virtual computer servers, high performance computing facilities, computer system administration services, assistance with grant applications, and more.

In the months ahead, watch for:

•             new high performance computing capacity available to researchers

•             savings in time and grant money through use of virtual servers

•             services to help plan and manage research data — to keep it safe and secure while conducting research, as well as archived and findable after the research is done.

The launch of Research Computing bolsters the university’s position as a member of the U15, the country’s 15 leading research-intensive universities. Strengthening the university’s overall research culture through this initiative also supports the university’s priorities as stated in the Third Integrated Plan, particularly that of fostering knowledge creation.

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