New MATLAB and Maple program available

Two of the mathematical programs used on campus in support of research have been updated recently.

MATLAB R2013a is now available. For a list of new features, please see the release notes from MathWorks. For local information on MATLAB, please see the research computing webpage. Please contact Research Computing for information on how to add MATLAB on your workstation. MATLAB R2013a is available on the HPC computers, including Zeno. (Note – this version has better support for GPU computing.) Mac OS X Version 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) is no longer supported, starting in this version.

As well, Maple 17 is now available. The release notes for Maple 17 list the new features by category. At the top of the list is the Möbius Project, a “smart document” feature that enables people to share their Maple programs with people who do not have Maple. Performance has been improved, with calculations involving complex numbers seeing a speed-up of up to 2000 times. (The graphs showing this are amusing.) MapleSoft even provides an infographic on the new version – including how much coffee was consumed by the developers as they worked on the new version!  For local help on Maple, please see its webpage.

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