Campus Safety eyes aggressive drivers

SGI News Release April 19, 2013
Motorists who exhibit aggressive driving behaviours on Saskatchewan roads will be held accountable for their actions during Operation Spring Brake.
The traffic safety blitz will take place April 24 and 25 across the province. Law enforcement will be putting the brakes on violations such as speeding, driving too fast for road conditions, running red lights, not stopping at stop signs, stunting, racing or passing to the right on a highway.
In 2012, aggressive driving contributed to more than 8,200 collisions in Saskatchewan, resulting in 88 deaths and nearly 4,200 injuries.

Obstructed windows – Risky and pricey

Large variances in temperature can cause vehicle windows to become fogged or ice covered, which can lead to reduced visibility and make driving difficult. Operating a motor vehicle without a clear view of the road and area around you can lead to collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians or objects near the roadway.
Driving without a clear view can also lead to a $125 fine.
Please plan ahead and scrape all your windows clear and allow fog and mist to disappear before driving.

Valentine’s Traffic Project Results

U of S Peace Officers wrote ten tickets to drivers in relation to SGI’s Operation Crossroads on February 14th and 15th. Over 400 tickets were issued to drivers across the province for various offences:

  • 147 for disobeying red lights/stop signs
    three for failing to yield to pedestrians

  • 15 for pedestrians disobeying walk signal
  • 53 cellphone violations
  • 61 seatbelt violations
  • 78 speeding violations
    seven for prohibited driving
    one for impaired driving

  • 57 various other infractions

Valentine’s Traffic Blitz

Campus Safety wants to make sure you get home safely to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.
Officers on campus, as well as participating agencies province-wide, will be watching intersections for for driving infractions this February 14th and 15th. Whether trying to get to your date on time, or picking up a last minute bouquet of flowers, please remember to proceed safely through every intersection and come to complete stops at all stop signs.

Obscured Vehicle Windows

Campus Safety will be watching for drivers with obscured windows on January 17th and 18th and issuing tickets to motorists who’s vision is impeded. Please ensure you always clear your windows of snow and ice, and do not drive your vehicle until interior fogging has disappeared.

Results from Traffic Blitz

Campus Safety surveyed over 900 vehicles on November 14th and 15th during the traffic blitz where drivers were assessed for their seatbelt and mobile device while on campus roadways. Officers issued six tickets for use of an electronic communication device while driving, one ticket for obstructed view, and one for disobey stop sign.
That is good news for the campus community as the vast majority of motorists were found to be driving safely and wearing their seatbelt.

Nov 14th and 15th Traffic Blitz

Campus Safety will be participating in “Operation Hang Up… Buckle Up” next week as part of a province-wide traffic safety blitz. Fines will be given to motorists who are found driving without their seatbelt and/or while using a cellphone.
According to SGI: “Lack of seatbelt use and cellphone use while driving. On average, distracted driving, which includes cellphone use, contributes to more than 9,400 collisions each year, resulting in about 2,400 injuries and 50 deaths. Seven per cent of all injuries and 35 per cent of all fatalities in collisions involve improper seatbelt use, resulting in 448 injuries and 55 fatalities.”

Winter Driving Reminder

Campus Safety would like to remind all motorists and pedestrians to be aware of the change in season, and the approaching snowfall with regard to driving habits.
Motorists are advised to drive slowly, increase the distance between their vehicle and others on the road, and provide themselves extra time to get to and from their destination to avoid feeling rushed.
Pedestrians should also be attentive at this time of year and ensure vehicles have come to a complete stop before stepping off the curb at a marked crosswalk.
If you do happen to be involved in a motor vehicle collision, and your vehicles are movable and there are no injuries, please remove them from the roadway if possible and exchange the necessary information. When vehicles cannot safely be moved off the roadway, please contact Campus Safety at 966-5555 for assistance.

Campus Safety Pleased with Traffic Speeds

University Peace Officers monitored over 150 vehicles yesterday and issued only five tickets for speeding and two warnings.
With the high number of bicycles and pedestrians combined with our curvy roads, it is important to drive safely and be aware of those around you; and remember the university speed limit is 40km/h on all roadways.

Results from Enforcement Project

University Peace Officers issued eleven citations during the two day province-wide traffic blitz. Of those issued, six were stop sign violations and two were for using a cellphone while driving.
With full term classes beginning soon, Campus Safety would like to remind drivers to watch for pedestrians and follow all traffic controls while on campus.
6 – Disobey Stop Sign
2 – Operate Vehicle While Using an Electronic Device
1 – Fail to Yield to a Pedestrian at a Crosswalk
1 – Learner Driving Unaccompanied
1 – Disobey Traffic Control Device