Christmas In Kandahar

Campus Safety will be sending a Christmas package over to our troops in Kandahar. We have a soldier there who is willing to play Santa for us. Because of weight restrictions we are looking at sending the following types of items: Tim Cards, Beef Jerky, DVD’s, Potato Chips/Chili Dorito’s etc. If you would like to participate with us, please send items to our office at 72 Campus Drive by DECEMBER 7, 2009, to ensure we make the mailing deadline.

Bike Patrol

Summer is here and we want everyone to know so is our Bike Patrol. On Each operational team there are a minimum of two officers dedicated to the bike patrol unit. These Officers are outfitted in highly visible specialized biking equipment. The Bike patrol runs day and night, so please if you have any questions or concerns wave down a bike patrol officer and they will be glad to help you!
Remember now with all the bikes out, there is a rising theft concern so please call 966-5555 if you see any suspicious behavior.