Any bullying that takes place using electronic technology is considered cyberbullying.

Here are some things to do, if you encounter a cyberbully:

  • Don’t reply to messages from cyberbullies—even though you may really want to, this is exactly what cyberbullies want. They want to know that they’ve got you worried and upset.
  • Tell someone you know and trust. You are not alone and you did not do anything to deserve this.
    • Inform your Friends or family
    • U of S Protective Services
    • Student Health Services
    • Student Counselling Services
    • Aboriginal Students’ Centre
    • International Student and Study Abroad Centre
    • USSU Help Centre
    • USSU Pride Centre
    • USSU Women’s Centre
    • Saskatoon Police Service
  • Don’t assume that this can only happen to children – Adults can be the victim of cyberbullying too.
  • Do not erase or delete messages from cyberbullies—You don’t have to read it, but keep it as evidence. Law Enforcement can use these messages to help you.