Traffic Circle – Roundabout – Tips

There are now two traffic circles on our campus, as well as several more which have appeared throughout Saskatoon. Traffic circles, or roundabouts, are not only more efficient than intersections at moving vehicles, but they are also safer (they calm traffic) and better for the environment (they reduce vehicle idling time).
Some drivers new to Saskatoon and our campus may not be familiar with how traffic circles operate. Campus Safety has provided the following tips to help motorists, pedestrians and cyclists safely traverse our campus roundabouts.
• Reduce your speed as you approach the roundabout.
• Watch for pedestrians.
• Yield to traffic already inside the circle coming from your left.
• Engage your right turn signal and enter the roundabout to your right when it is safe to do so.
• Continue around the circle until you reach your exit.
• Weather permitting, do not slow down or stop to make your exit.
• Exit to your right.
• If you miss your exit, continue around the circle until it comes up again.
• Cross at marked crosswalks only.
• If unmarked, cross the roadways as they approach the circle.
• Pedestrians should never enter the circle and should follow the sidewalk.
• Never cross through the centre island.
• If you are riding with traffic, you must follow the rules for motorists.
• If you have dismounted, you must follow the rules for pedestrians.