Safety Over The Holidays

Here are some tips from Protective Services to ensure you have a safe and happy holiday season:

1. “To all those doing holiday shopping: do not leave gifts or parcels in plain sight in your vehicle. Always keep valuables with you, or secured in the trunk or glove box. Thefts from vehicles are common, especially this time of year, and only you can prevent them from occurring! ”

2.” Be safe at all your holiday parties! Limit the amount of alcoholic beverages you consume by replacing a few with water. Remember to never operate a motor vehicle after having consumed alcohol,  and to always find a designated driver or save cash for a cab ride home!”

3. “With the holiday season around the corner, the last thing you need is to get into a motor vehicle collision. Remember to drive slow when road conditions are poor, and to leave 15 minutes earlier than normal in order to take away the stress of being late due to traffic.”