Alcohol and Drugs: Protect Yourself from Sexual Assault

Campus Safety would like to remind students to protect themselves, both on and off campus, from becoming victims of sexual assault. While the USSU offers programs like Safewalk to ensure students are protected while on campus, Canadian statistics show that 80% of suspects in sexual assault are not strangers hiding in bushes near parked cars; they are at the club, known to you, with a will to take advantage of any situation.
Please follow these and other tips to protect yourself when you are out on the town:

  1. Avoid becoming intoxicated – Keep yourself to a 1 or 2 drink limit.
  2. Always keep an eye on your glass and don’t drink it if you lose sight of it.
  3. Follow a buddy system when you are at a bar or function. Look out for those you trust and have them look out for you.
  4. Don’t accept drinks from others you do not know or trust and avoid open beverage sources like punch bowls, pitchers or tubs.
  5. Do not use drugs: Not only are they illegal, street drugs are not controlled and may contain dangerous substances which could both harm you physically, and make you more vulnerable to sexual assault.
  6. Keep your eyes and ears open; if there is talk of date rape drugs or if friends seem “too intoxicated” for what they have ingested, leave the party or club immediately and do not go back.

If you would like help talking about this issue, please consider calling Student Health at 966-5768 or the Sexual Assault and Information Centre at 244-2294.
For more information, please visit our website at