Locker Thefts

There has been a significant increase in locker thefts, Campus Safety would like to remind students to use a strong durable lock, and not put any valuables inside. If you witness any suspicious activity in or around any locker area, or other parts of Campus please contact Campus Safety immediately. (966-5555)

Keeping the peace at the big games

“Officer safety is my number one concern,” says Dave Prout, staff sergeant for the U of S Campus Safety Department. “With only a handful of special constables monitoring several thousand fans, situations like this can be very challenging.”
Prout is referring to Campus Safety’s role in policing Griffiths Stadium during Husky football home games. “We bring in extra staff just for these events so we can be present at the stadium and still maintain a full complement of on campus peace officers to take care of the day-to-day duties on campus.”

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