Culligan Empty Bottle Scam

The following is a notice from Culligan Water that we have been asked to pass on to the University Community.

There has been some instances where someone has gone into a place of business and told them that Culligan is running late and they have been sent to pick up the empty bottles onsite and that Culligan will be by in a little while to drop off full bottles. At no time will we send some other company or people to pick up just empty bottles. Your Culligan driver will bring water and pick up empties at the same time. Each driver has our logo on their shirt or jacket and will be doing an invoice at the time they are at each stop.
If at any time anyone is concerned that it is not really Culligan personel there to take their empties, feel free to have them contact our office at 374-8555 so we may confirm that it is our driver or not.