Cyberstalking and Online Harassment

Are you getting harassing emails or instant messages? This may be a form of Cyberstalking or Online Harassment and it’s nothing to take lightly…

Activities that can be considered cyber-stalking or online Harassment can include delivering threatening or harassing messages through one or more of the following:
• e-mail
• chat rooms
• message boards
Other variations of cyber-stalking or online harassment include the following:
• sending inappropriate electronic greeting cards
• posting personal advertisements in your name
• creating Web sites that contain threatening or harassing messages or that contain provocative or pornographic photographs, most of which have been altered
• sending viruses to your computer, and
• sending harassing messages to the your employers, co-workers, students, teachers, customers, friends, families or churches or sending harassing messages forged in the victim’s name to others.
ADVICE for Safe Computer use:
• Be careful about posting personal or private information.
• Do not use your full name for your user ID, and change your password often.
• Report harassing e-mail or chat room abuse to Department of Campus Safety.
If you recieve messages through email, chatrooms, or message boards that you feel are either harassing or threatening please call 966-5555 or email us @