Identity Theft

Identity theft could happen to anyone… It is a criminal offense in which a person intends to acquire an identification of another person and uses it without proper authorization and adopts it as their own.

Most often, the purpose of Identity Theft is for financial gain. A criminal may gather information by tapping a phone call, listening to conversations, hacking passwords and banking information over the internet, breaking into your home or office, etc.
Shredding sensitive documents and refusing to give away sensitive information (e.g. your social insurance number) either on the phone or online, can make you less vulnerable to identity theft. All other personal documents that cannot be shredded should be safely stored in your home or office in a locked container such as a safe or filing cabinet.
Identity theft can be one of the most stressful experiences you may ever have, and falling victim to ID theft is becoming more and more common today so please take the necessary precautions to keep your Identity your own!