10 January 2007 Blizzard

Winter storm prompts decision to close University of Saskatchewan

On 10 January 2007, a powerful winter storm not only prompted the decision to close University of Saskatchewan colleges, but also undermined attempts by faculty, staff and students at returning to their respective homes once they were advised of it. With visibility and mobility severely reduced by blowing and accumulating snow, many of them either found themselves stranded inside their vehicles on roadways in and around campus or simply unable to leave their office or building.
Throughout the day, Special Constables assisted members of the Saskatoon Police Service in their effort to close a number of nearby city roadways due to weather-related visibility problems. They also located many stranded motorists and University community members and transported them to either an emergency shelter situated in Marquis Hall or, if practicable, homes off-campus. Fortunately, and due in large measure to the caution exercised by motorists, they did not respond to any reports of motor vehicle accidents.