Public Intoxication/Medical (Seager Wheeler Residence)

Special Constables located two intoxicated males around 4:00 AM near the entrance to Seager Wheeler Residence.

One male had been injured in an apparent altercation. Due to the severity of intoxication accurate information was unavailable at the scene.
Both males were transported to Royal University Hospital for observation.
Campus Safety is investigating the incident at this time.
Campus Safety encourages the campus community to plan a safe night out. Always arrange for a designated driver, and familiarize yourself with the locations you are attending. If you plan on going out, plan on getting home safe.
Louis’ Pub in the Memorial Union Building offers the TRIP Program in conjunction with Campus Safety to all patrons who use a designated driver, as well as parking and taxi vouchers for all patrons who make the decision to drink responsibly. For more information on these programs please contact 966-7000.