Red Shale and crusher dust paths

Saturday, September 10, a group of committed Prairie Habitat Garden friends spent the day in the garden. Landscape fabric was put on the path, and three yards of red shale was moved by wheel barrow to cover the path. With the red of the shale and the white-grey of the swale, the garden looked very artistic!
While some folks loaded wheel barrows, others wheeled the barrows, and others raked the shale into place, other folks weeded, and planted the last of our plant order from Blazing Star Wildflowers. As we worked, Josh of Q Ecosolutios, our steady fast contractor, dug holes for the piles for the bridge.
Josh managed to locate some original growth Douglas fir, that had served during WW2 as an airplane hangar in a small SK town, then, post-war, served as an arena. Recently, the town decided to build a new arena, and the well seasoned fir became available. Josh built the bridge in his garage.
The red shale was lovely, but not wheel chair friendly. Consequently, the next weekend, another group of people came to move four yards of crusher dust, putting it on top of the shale. The red shale will move to the surface, but the crusher dust will make the path more even, so that those with strollers, using walkers, or in wheel chairs, should be able to navigate the trails. There is one more area that needs to be redone on the trail – the area on either side of the bridge. The bridge was installed on Saturday evening, September 19! It is beautiful. Thank you to all our committed friends of the Prairie Habitat Garden.

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Faculty, Department of Educational Foundations College of Education, University of Saskatchewan Research interests: social and ecological justice, experiential and inquiry learning, assessment for learning.
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