Maintaining our Margins: Building the Wall

On Sunday, August 7, Josh, Sofia, Zee, Natalie worked to build the cedar wall. The cedar poles came from BC, cut to be used as utility poles. However, for some reason, they did not make the utility pole grade, so we were able to get them at a reasonable price. After treating them with an ecologically friendly preservative, they were cut to lengths, and put into the trench that had been dug along the edge of the garden. Gravel was added first, and more was put into the trench along the edges to hold the logs upright.
The purposes of this wall are: to stop windblown seeds (the heavier ones will not go over); to be aesthetically pleasing with its different heights; to be a route for children to walk along.
None of the posts is more than 45 cm high. Soil will be added on top of the gravel for planting some native forbes – showy flowers would be best!  On Tuesday, August 9, Josh, Sofia, Zee and Theo worked more on the wall, and again on Sunday August 14.
Thank you to our volunteers for building the wall!log wall 2 for garden copylog wall for garden copy

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