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The Prairie Habitat Garden had a number of successful education events during Saskatoon’s Fourth Annual Nature City Festival. For those of you who have not yet attended any Nature City Festival events: the festival is held annually in the last week of May – the time when saskatoon berry bushes are most likely to be flowering. The festival features a week of presentations, seminars, workshops, activities, that engage people in nearby nature, revealing the wonders of nature and many little known natural places in Saskatoon. This year’s (2016) theme was “Reconciliation” – with the land as well as with Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Last year’s theme (2015) was “Healthy by Nature”, addressing the advantages being in nature provides for people. The website for the Nature City Festival is:

As part of the festival, three events were planned for and in the garden. Two were part of the “education” calendar of events, which meant the Prairie Habitat Garden hosted children from Saskatoon schools to support outdoor learning in nearby nature. The workshops were: Building and Earth-Sun effigy; building a bee hotel, and Eco-Friend or Eco-Foe.

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Faculty, Department of Educational Foundations College of Education, University of Saskatchewan Research interests: social and ecological justice, experiential and inquiry learning, assessment for learning.
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