Can you spot the spider?

Milkweed 007


Can you spot the spider in this photo? It’s nearly the same colour as the flower that it is perching on. The species of spider that is pictured here is called a crab spider (Also known by the family name Thomisidae). They’re a bit different than their typical web spinning counterparts because instead of building a web, crab spiders hide on or within flowers and wait to ambush the unsuspecting insects who visit for a bit of nectar or pollen. They are very patient hunters and can wait in position on the same flower for days.

Most of the crab spiders that I’ve come across in the garden seem to favour the dandelion and bergamot flowers where they can hide in among all of the petals, but this one seems to be confident that he’s hidden on the outside of the flower. Crab spiders rely quite a bit on camouflage and pick ambush spots where they can be easily hidden.


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