Summer Fun with Daycare Children

This morning we hosted a great group of children from the Victoria Location of Spadina Early Learning and Childcare Centre. The children had an enormous amount of fun searching for bugs and learning about them, doing a scavenger hunt and making a craft. As much fun as the children had, I think the adults (myself, Ashley and Amanda) had just as much fun.

About Prairie Habitat Garden

Our Prairie Habitat Garden is an innovative plan that will contribute to the University of Saskatchewan's historical campus by transforming the close proximity to the Education College building from an underused and deteriorating asset to a thriving environmentally based teaching resource. This project ensures the ecological integrity of our natural and working lands while providing an exceptional educational opportunity for pre-service teachers, teachers, schools, and the general public to learn about preserving and recreating natural ecosystems. Concurrent with the building of this garden, local elementary and high schools will build prairie habitat gardens on their schools' properties. These natural habitat gardens should inspire visitors to create their own habitat gardens.
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