Proposed Admission Requirements

Proposed Admission Requirements for the Pharm.D. Program

February 25, 2015

The Division of Pharmacy is proposing the following admission requirements for the Pharm.D. Program.  However, candidates should be aware that the proposed Pharm.D. program (including its admission requirements) is still under development.  The program proposal is expected to be submitted and considered by the Faculty of the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, the University Council and University Senate during the 2015-16 academic year.  We are publishing these admission requirements for information only to enable interested individuals to plan their academic programs prior to seeking admission to Pharmacy (NOTE: current prerequisite courses for the BSP are also in these recommended prerequisites for the Pharm.D.) Interested individuals are advised to continue to check the College website for updates to this information.

Proposed Prerequisite Coursework

  • Candidates for admission must have completed 60 credit units (or equivalent) by April 30 of the year admission. Course load must include 24 credit units in at least one academic year.
  • The following courses (or equivalent) should be included in the 60 CU:


Topic Credit Units USask Courses
Biology 6 BIOL 120.3 & 121.3
Chemistry 3 General6 Organic CHEM 112.3CHEM 250.3

CHEM 255.3

English 6 ENG 110.6, or two of 111.3, 112.3, 113.3, 114.3
Biochemistry 3 Biomolecules3 Metabolism BMSC 200.3BMSC 230.3
Physiology 6 (Human Body Systems) PHSI 208.6
Mathematics (Calculus) 3 MATH 125.3
Statistics 3 Biostatistics STAT 246.3
Microbiology 3 BMSC 210.3
Nutrition 3 NUTR 120.3
Electives 15 6 CU from Psych, Soc, NS, Phil9 CU – any electives


Other Admission Requirements:

  1. Test of Critical Skills (see current admission requirements for the BSP progam)
  2. Personal Interview (under development)

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