Upcoming Pharmacy Preceptor Education Event

The College of Pharmacy and Nutrition is holding preceptor workshops in Saskatoon (June 10) and Regina (June 11) on patient care and patient counselling processes for preceptors. CPDPP has approved this program for 2 CEUs, and a brief update on the PharmD program will be provided.

For more information or to register for the event, see the registration form. Please contact Shauna Gerwing at shauna.gerwing@usask.ca if you have any questions.

Letter to our preceptors

The following letter was sent to our preceptors on Friday, December 23, regarding the upcoming PharmD program, and plans to implement a program for current pharmacists to obtain a PharmD degree.

Dear Colleagues, 

As you may be aware, in September 2017, the University of Saskatchewan will implement the new Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) curriculum. While an entry to practice PharmD degree is not required to practice pharmacy, the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition is committed to offering past pharmacy graduates the same educational opportunities as provided to future students. A program for those pharmacists interested in upgrading to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree will be developed after the new program is implemented. 

While the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition cannot provide details regarding the aforementioned program’s curriculum or implementation date, the College whished to communicate our commitment to past graduates, and provide assurances that the College is committed to facilitating educational opportunities to ensure past graduates have an opportunity to obtain a PharmD degree should they wish to do so. 

The implementation of the PharmD is timely, as the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs recently announced that in the future it will no longer accredit Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSP) programs. Therefore the University of Saskatchewan has been proactive in developing the new PharmD curriculum to address the new CCAPP requirements, thus ensuring that graduates may continue to directly apply for the Qualifying Examination of The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada for licensure, and ensuring that our profession continues to thrive. 

Please access the http://words.usask.ca/pharmd blog for up to date information on the University of Saskatchewan PharmD program. 

Kind Regards, 

Kishor Wasan, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean

Yvonne M. Shevchuk, PharmD, F.C.S.H.P.
Associate Dean Academic

Jenna Anderson, B.S.P., C.D.E
Structured Practice Experiences Program Coordinator and Instructor 


PharmD program proposal nearly finalized

The Pharmacy Division is in the final stages of developing its proposal for the new PharmD program at the University of Saskatchewan.  At two recent faculty retreats, there was agreement on a draft curriculum structure which includes an expanded experiential education program.  Students will be able to interact with patients, preceptors, and other health professionals throughout the program with weekly experiential activities, two 4-week introductory rotations in the summers between year 1 and 2 and years 2 and 3.  Service learning, an important part of the current BSP program will continue through year one of the PharmD.  After a brief orientation, students in their final year will complete 32 weeks of advanced experiential education consisting of three eight week ‘core’ patient care rotations, and an  elective 8 week rotation.

Prior to submission to the University, the Pharmacy Division will review the full proposal on Oct 23, and the College’s Faculty Council will also meet to approve it on Oct 30.  Our target for submission to the Academic Programs Committee of University Council is November 1, 2015.  Once submitted, the full proposal will be considered by APC prior to their recommending it to University Council. The budget and tuition model will be reviewed by the Board of Governors (Dec 2015 and Mar 2016), and the revised admission requirements will be looked at by University Senate (April 2016).  If this timeline moves forward as planned, we expect full approval by April 30, 2016, for implementation in the fall of 2017.  In addition to extensive consultation within the University, we will also consult with government and the community regarding the proposal.

While the proposal is moving through the various consultative stages, the faculty will continue its work to flesh out the courses,  and teaching and assessment strategies so that a more detailed program document can be submitted to CCAPP for consideration for ‘provisional accreditation’ of the PharmD program, when the CCAPP accreditation team visits the College in the fall of 2016 to review the BSP program.

Further information about the program will be posted as it becomes available.  Watch this site for updates and opportunities to provide feedback!

Linda Suveges
Yvonne Shevchuk
Shauna Gerwing

Funding Boost for PharmD Curriculum Development

The University of Saskatchewan’s Curriculum Innovation Fund panel has approved an application for funding to support the PharmD Curriculum Development work. The approved allocation of $102,000 will cover the ASPA staff secondment backfill and the consultant fees outlined in the proposal made to the panel.

The Curriculum Innovation Fund is administered through the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness. As part of the PCIP-funded Curriculum Innovation Initiative, this fund is available for academic units to support curriculum innovation projects.

PharmD Retreat – November 2014

This week’s PharmD Update brings you two documents that will help you understand the PharmD program development process. These documents have been posted as static pages since we’ll refer back to them in future blogs. You can always access them from this page, or the links on the menu bar. We’ve posted a few highlights below, as well as links to each document if you’re interested in reading more.

Thank you again to Linda Suveges for preparing these two documents!

1. Executive Summary – PharmD Retreat – November 2014

The retreat’s executive summary outlines key ideas from the meetings, including some first thoughts on admissions and curriculum development timelines.

Top Takeaways:

  • Development of the Pharm.D. program will continue more intensively
  • Faculty development will start as soon as possible
  • Proposed implementation date is September 2017 (NOT 2016) (timeline coming soon)
  • Faculty will meet on February 25, 2015 to continue discussions on the proposed curriculum (with prerequisites) developed / modified from discussions at this retreat

You can find out more details by reading the full executive summary. As always, you’re welcome to submit your questions or comments at the bottom of the page, or email our communications specialist at kieran.kobitz@usask.ca.

Click here to read the full executive summary. 

2. Guiding Principles

These principles were developed in early 2013 to set the direction for the PharmD program development process. By reading these guidelines, you’ll have an understanding of what motivates certain decisions about the program. These guidelines serve to ensure the PharmD program will fit the needs of our students, faculty, alumni, the college, and the pharmacy profession.

As always, you’re welcome to submit your questions or comments at the bottom of the page, or email our communications specialist at kieran.kobitz@usask.ca.

Click here to read the full list of guiding principles. 

PharmD Curriculum – What’s Next?

Welcome to PharmD Update! This is the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition’s blog to keep you informed as the new PharmD curriculum is developed. We’ve heard many questions from both students and alumni who are curious about what the new PharmD credential means for them, so we’ve started this blog to provide the necessary answers. We’ll take you through the entire PharmD development process, and this format gives you the opportunity to submit your questions and comments.

In November, the faculty held a retreat to begin work on developing the new PharmD curriculum. After a number of productive meetings the groundwork was laid to begin the curriculum development process. The following email from Professor Emeritus Linda Suveges was recently circulated to the faculty and staff, and it outlines the next steps over the coming months.

Note: We’re even ahead of schedule on the PharmD portal – it’s this blog!



There are two purposes for this message: first I want to thank everyone for all the ideas and your enthusiastic participation in our discussions at our recent retreat. It was awesome! Second, I want to give you an idea of what we propose as a timeline for the ‘next steps”:

  1. An Executive Summary of the retreat, along with a timeline (based on a new implementation date of 2017) and a list of action items will be circulated by December 15, 2014.
  1. A PharmD portal is being set up on our website so we can keep stakeholders informed about developments. It will be ‘live’ after December 15, 2014.
  1. A draft PharmD program will be developed and circulated by January 31, 2015. It will include proposed prerequisites and courses/activities for years 1 through 4,   developed from all the ideas generated at the retreat and any that may follow in the next few weeks.
  1. Certain working groups will be activated (or reactivated) and will report in January so their work can be incorporated into the draft program (e.g., the Admissions WG will provide answers to the action items defined for it.)
  1. We will be making a joint statement with SCP about the Pharm D, the website portal and the College’s plan moving forward that will be circulated to all pharmacists in the province. We hope to make this joint statement either at the end of the year or in early 2015.
  1. The next Faculty Retreat will be held Wednesday February 25, 2015. As you prepare your term 2 courses and activities, please arrange things so you can attend this important retreat where we expect to make decisions about the program so we can move it forward for further development.

If new ideas or questions about the PharmD program have emerged since the Retreat, please forward them to me and I will answer and/or keep track of them as we move forward in our curriculum planning activities.

Thanks again for your help and support as we move forward.  My best wishes to all for the next few weeks as the term draws to a close!  (And no, I am not available to mark any exams!)



Remember, we welcome your questions and comments! Feel free to use the “Leave a Reply” function below, or email our communications specialist at kieran.kobitz@usask.ca. Your questions and comments will help guide us on what to write for future blogs. We may not have the answers yet, but we’ll make it a priority to ensure you’re informed as soon as possible.

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