Letter to our preceptors

The following letter was sent to our preceptors earlier this week, which included a summary of the new curriculum and community pharmacy immersions for year one of the PharmD program.

Pharmacy Preceptors and Colleagues:

The College of Pharmacy and Nutrition is currently working on the curriculum renewal from the BSP to a PharmD which will begin in September of 2017.

Significant changes to the program include:

  • Increase in experiential learning from 920 hours in the BSP to 1600 hours (plus immersions) in the PharmD
  • The skills labs will be integrated with the Pharmacy Practice course in which students are introduced to the patient care process, patient counselling, prescription processing, dispensing, and compounding in year one
  • OTC and self-care courses will be taught in year one
  • Pharmacotherapeutics will begin in year one and continue through to the end of year three
  • The fourth and final year in the program is comprised entirely of experiential learning
  • Students will begin their experiential placements with a different skill set and increased pharmaceutical knowledge earlier in the PharmD program as opposed to the BSP

The attached PharmD UpdateUofSMarch28 provides additional information about the program including prerequisites for the PharmD, an overview of courses in Year 1, a comparison of the experiential components of the BSP vs. the PharmD, and a diagram of the overlap in experiential courses in the BSP and PharmD.

We are beginning to recruit for our community pharmacy immersions for year one of the PharmD program. Students in first year will be required to complete four immersions (two per term) in community pharmacies in Saskatoon (among other sites, including MAC and medSask). Immersions will be offered only in Saskatoon for logistical reasons (location, student travel time to site, etc.) since they will occur over the course of the school year from September to April.

Features of the immersion program include:

  • The same student will visit your community pharmacy site in Saskatoon for four scheduled visits (between September and April)
  • Immersions will last for 3 hours each visit
  • Students will arrive with a subset of learning outcomes and related tasks (such as skills related to dispensing, working with provincial laws, third party billing, communication, etc.) designed to help them achieve those outcomes. Detailed learning outcomes and tasks will be available soon.

We ask that you mentor, guide, and facilitate the student’s learning while they are at your site. We do not anticipate any additional work for the preceptor after each immersion besides a short debriefing and assessment session with your student. The College will provide preceptor training, development, and support; access to and support with new evaluation software; access to library resources; site visits; and a small stipend to those pharmacists and or sites that participate.

Please respond to shauna.gerwing@usask.ca to indicate your interest in participating in the year one immersions, and I will follow up with you.

We value and appreciate your skills and expertise in pharmacy and look forward to your ongoing participation with our students and program.

If you have any questions about this opportunity or the PharmD program, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Dr. Yvonne Shevchuk at yvonne.shevchuk@usask.ca.

Shauna Gerwing & Dr. Yvonne Shevchuk

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