First year curriculum finalized

The first year PharmD curriculum has been finalized, and the classes are as follows:

Year 1

Term 1

PHAR 190.0 Introduction to the College/Program
PHAR 121.3 Foundational Sciences I: Foundational Pathophysiology & Pharmacology
PHAR 122.3 Foundational Sciences 2: Medicinal Chemistry and Physical Pharmacy
PHAR 153.4 Self Care I: Non-prescription Pharmaceuticals and Supplies
PHAR 110.3 Introduction to Pharmacy and the Health Care System
PHAR 162.3 Pharmacy Practice I: The Patient Care Process
PHAR 170.3 Pharmacy Skills Development I
PHAR 181.1 Introductory SPEP I
PHAR 183.1 Service Learning I
PHAR 191.1 IPE Activities

Term 2

PHAR 123.3 Foundational Sciences 3: Foundational Pathophysiology & Pharmacology 2
PHAR 124.3 Foundational Sciences 4: Introduction to Pharmaceutics
PHAR 152.6 Pharmacotherapeutics I
PHAR 154.3 Self Care II: Non-prescription Pharmarceutics and Supplies
PHAR 112.1 Pharmacy Law and Introduction to Ethics
PHAR 111.1 Foundations for Practice: Pharmacy Mathematics & Calculations
PHAR 171.3 Pharmacy Skills Development 2
PHAR 182.1 Introductory SPEP 2
PHAR 184.1 Service Learning 2
PHAR 192.1 IPE Activites

PHAR 185.4 Introductory Community Pharmacy Practice Experience (spring/summer)

These classes will appear in the 2017-18 course catalogue, which will be published in February. 

Years 2, 3, and 4: Under development.