Letter to our preceptors

The following letter was sent to our preceptors on Friday, December 23, regarding the upcoming PharmD program, and plans to implement a program for current pharmacists to obtain a PharmD degree.

Dear Colleagues, 

As you may be aware, in September 2017, the University of Saskatchewan will implement the new Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) curriculum. While an entry to practice PharmD degree is not required to practice pharmacy, the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition is committed to offering past pharmacy graduates the same educational opportunities as provided to future students. A program for those pharmacists interested in upgrading to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree will be developed after the new program is implemented. 

While the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition cannot provide details regarding the aforementioned program’s curriculum or implementation date, the College whished to communicate our commitment to past graduates, and provide assurances that the College is committed to facilitating educational opportunities to ensure past graduates have an opportunity to obtain a PharmD degree should they wish to do so. 

The implementation of the PharmD is timely, as the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs recently announced that in the future it will no longer accredit Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSP) programs. Therefore the University of Saskatchewan has been proactive in developing the new PharmD curriculum to address the new CCAPP requirements, thus ensuring that graduates may continue to directly apply for the Qualifying Examination of The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada for licensure, and ensuring that our profession continues to thrive. 

Please access the http://words.usask.ca/pharmd blog for up to date information on the University of Saskatchewan PharmD program. 

Kind Regards, 

Kishor Wasan, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean

Yvonne M. Shevchuk, PharmD, F.C.S.H.P.
Associate Dean Academic

Jenna Anderson, B.S.P., C.D.E
Structured Practice Experiences Program Coordinator and Instructor 


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