PharmD proposal to be submitted to Academic Programs Committee

We are pleased to report that the Pharmacy and Nutrition Faculty Council approved the PharmD proposal for submission to the University! We will be forwarding the proposal and all the supporting documentation to the Academic Programs Committee of University Council in a few days. Hopefully, it will move through the various stages of the approval process by April 2016.  This will ensure that we can make the appropriate announcement about prerequisites (although the proposed prereqs are already on our website), and have the new program published in the 2017-18 University Calendar.

But this does not mean the work is done! We will now move into the ‘course development  phase’. Faculty will be planning course details, developing integrated professional skills activities and determining teaching and assessment strategies. We’ll also be working with preceptors to develop the experiential education program more fully. Watch this site for more information on how you can participate!

Thank you for your continued interest in our PharmD program.

Linda Suveges

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