Brief Progress Report

Progress is underway with our PharmD curriculum.  The faculty and academic staff at the College have formed four content stream working groups.  These streams consist of:

  • Sociobehavioral & Administrative Sciences,
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences,
  • Pharmacotherapeutics, and
  • Pharmacy Practice Skills including: Patient Care and Communications & Evidence Based Medicine.

We are forging ahead with our work within these streams and are planning to come together for our next faculty retreat scheduled for late June.

To date, the Experiential Education Working Group has formed and has held its first meeting. At this time the College wishes to extend thanks to the preceptors across the province and country that have volunteered to help with this project. While it is important to note that not everyone can be actively involved in participation on the Experiential Education working group, we do plan to draw upon your knowledge and expertise for future projects that will stem from this working group.

We wish to thank everyone for their continued involvement and interest in our program development.