Question on a bridging program

Over the holidays in December, we received the following question via email:

Will a distance component for BSP grads to “train up” to a PharmD be in the works? The U of A is developing such a plan and I would like to see the U of S support past grads in obtaining a PharmD part time with some off campus and on campus work.

Who better to answer the question than Linda Suveges? She’s been instrumental in developing the PharmD program.

Happy New Year!

We have had numerous questions from students and practitioners regarding the availability of a program for BSP graduates who wish to achieve the PharmD degree.  And YES, faculty are committed to offering such a ‘bridging’ program for practising pharmacists.

This type of program is often called a ‘‘nontraditional’ PharmD, or a ‘flexible’ PharmD, but we have been referring to it as a ‘bridging’ program thus far, so that is the terminology I will continue to use here.  Basically it will be a program which includes some coursework and advanced practical training opportunities.  We anticipate that it could be completed in 12-18 months, but requirements will be flexible to allow pharmacists to continue to work while completing the program.  Most coursework will be offered via distance education.  Other elements might include assessment of prior learning or the ability to ‘test out’ of certain components.

As noted previously, we are currently at the stage of developing the undergraduate curriculum, which will also inform what will be incorporated into a bridging program. It is expected that the bridging program will start soon after the undergraduate program.

Linda Suveges

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