2011 SPARKY Award Winners Announced

The SPARKY Awards is a contest for students to create short videos explaining why the open exchange of information is important.
From the press release:
This year, the judges selected winners in three categories:
• BEST LIVE ACTION: Breaking News: Open Access Wave Sweeps World (http://vimeo.com/24171277), produced by Joshua Goodman (University of Pretoria).
• BEST ANIMATION: Free your Data (http://vimeo.com/24253452), produced by Nico Carver (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill).
• BEST SPEECH: We’re In This Together (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xxg67UER7dc), produced by Paula Seligson (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill).
The organizers now invite students, faculty, librarians, and others on campus to weigh in for their favorite in the Sparky People’s Choice Award. The People’s Choice Award highlights all of the 2011 entries. The winner will also receive an iPad, iPhone, or iPod plus a personalized award certificate. To vote, visit http://www.sparkyawards.org. The deadline to vote for the People’s Choice Award is September 23, 2011.

4th Annual Sparky Awards

Open Up! calls on students to let the world know they support Open Access and to say why. This year, entries are invited to four categories:
1. Animation – Drop into the media lab and master that illustration software!
2. Speech – Just say how it is. Skip the fancy editing and use your 120 seconds to tell campus viewers in your own eloquent words why Open Access matters to you.
3. Remix – Mix it up. Re-use video, music, images and remix with your own content to create your unique vision of the importance of Open Access. Content must be re-used legally.
4. People’s Choice – The People choose! Sparky Award entries are opened up for public vote.
Winners will receive an iPad, iPhone, or iPod and a fabulous “Sparky Award” statuette.
Entries in the international Sparky Awards competition are now being accepted and must be received by 12:00AM Eastern time on May 27, 2011. To be eligible, videos must be freely available on the Internet and available for use under a Creative Commons License.
For more info see: http://www.sparkyawards.org/