Does your Funder Require Open Access?

This month Nature Publishing Group (NPG) released the 2015 results of their annual survey of academic authors’ attitudes and behaviours around publishing: Author Insights 2015 (look at the Summary PDF file).

Section 8 caught my eye since it is closely related to my own research interests: Understanding of Funder Requirements. The survey found that 25% of authors did not know their funder’s requirements with respect to open access; and 40% of those that did claim to know about their funder’s requirements actually only had partial understanding or were misinformed.

Do you know what your funder’s policy is? If you are not sure there is a quick way to check! Search for your funder on the Sherpa/Juliet website, or browse by country. This directory will list the main requirements of each funder’s open access policy and also link out to the policy statement.

More and more funders are requiring that the published results of the research they fund be made publicly available (i.e. open access). The most recent example in Canada is the harmonized Tri-Agency Open Access Policy (CIHR, NSERC, & SSHRC). The University Library has made a simple Flowchart to help researchers in complying (based on the fantastic SFU Library one – thanks SFU!).

Further Reading:

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