Consultation Results: Draft Tri-Agency OA Policy

Recently NSERC & SSHRC announced the results of their consultation on the draft OA Policy. From the 201 submissions received the responses were strongly supportive of the policy. A few common themes in the responses were:

  • Many respondents commented that the policy could influence where they publish and subsequently, could have an impact on their research careers.
  • The majority of researchers commented that the policy would impact their grant funds if they would be required to pay for publishing in open access journals.
  • Depending on respondents’ discipline or sector, some felt that the 12-month embargo period was too short while others felt it was too long.
  • Respondents commented that the policy could have implications for the sustainability of journals and scholarly associations.
  • Some respondents suggested expanding the policy’s scope to include other types of research results such as research data and monographs.
  • Several respondents mentioned the importance of optimizing repository systems to ensure that papers are easily searchable and accessible.
  • A few respondents questioned how compliance with the policy would be monitored.

Nothing new here it seems.

The final version of the policy is still set to be released in the fall of this year (2014).