Webcast Invitation: Uncovering the Impact Story of Open Research

Please join us for a free webcast event Wed Oct 31, 12-1pm, in the Collaborative Learning Lab (1st Floor of Murray Library).
As part of UBC’s Open Access Week events, Heather Piwowar will give a talk entitled Uncovering the Impact Story of Open Research.
Piwowar is well-known and respected in the open science community for her studies regarding the accessibility and impact of research data. She is also a leader in the development of software that takes new approaches to measuring research impact (ie “altmetrics”).
Here is the abstract for the talk:
Research today is often evaluated by the journal impact factor of a published article. This has left little room for innovation: it is difficult for new journals to achieve a high impact factor, and non-traditional research products are often published outside of journals. It has also failed to recognize and reward broad impact and post-publication use. As scholarly publishing and interactions move online, scholarly and public impacts are becoming easier to follow and measure. Heather Piwowar will talk about tools that can track these impacts today, and discuss how these tools are empowering revolutions in open access publishing and open data repositories.

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