Guardian Article on the Scholarly Publishing Market

A recent article in the Guardian has generated much discussion online (see the numerous comments on the article itself!). George Monbiot does not mince words when describing the current economics of the scholarly publishing market.
A sample:
” Murdoch pays his journalists and editors, and his companies generate much of the content they use. But the academic publishers get their articles, their peer reviewing (vetting by other researchers) and even much of their editing for free. The material they publish was commissioned and funded not by them but by us, through government research grants and academic stipends. But to see it, we must pay again, and through the nose. ”
” What we see here is pure rentier capitalism: monopolising a public resource then charging exorbitant fees to use it. Another term for it is economic parasitism. To obtain the knowledge for which we have already paid, we must surrender our feu to the lairds of learning. ”
George Monbiot, Academic Publishers Make Murdoch Look Like a Socialist, The Guardian, August 29, 2011

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