Berlin 9 Open Access Conference in Washington DC this Year

The Berlin Open Access Conference Series will be held in North America for the first time this year! The conference will take place in Washington DC November 9-10, 2011.
Some background from the conference website:
“In 2003, a landmark meeting organized by the Max Planck Society and the European Cultural Heritage Online project brought together international experts with the aim of developing a new web-based research environment using the Open Access paradigm as a mechanism for having scientific knowledge and cultural heritage accessible worldwide.
As a result of the meeting, leading international research, scientific, and cultural institutions issued and signed The Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, a document that outlines concrete steps to promote the Internet as a medium for disseminating global knowledge.”
“In order to support continued adoption of the principles outlined in the Berlin Declaration, as well to track progress on their implementation, the original signatories agreed to support regular follow-up meetings. As a result, Berlin Open Access conferences have been convened annually since 2004. The conference series now takes place in locations around the world; to date Germany, Switzerland, England, Italy, France, and – most recently – China – have hosted this prestigious gathering.”

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