Assessing Quality of OA Journals

One of the enduring myths surrounding Open Access is that OA journals are somehow of lower quality. Indeed, there is no inherent reason why a journal would have lower standards simply because it is OA – and in fact my personal experience is that sometimes OA journals have more stringent peer review processes than Toll Access journals. There are quality control mechanisms in place among Open Access publishers: the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) will not include a new journal in its listings without vetting it for quality, and the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) also vets potential new members. You can be sure that any OA journal or publisher included in the DOAJ and the OASPA is legit. However, if it is a new publication, not yet included in these lists, how can you assess its quality?
Heather Morrison, over at the Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics blog, has put together a thoughtful post on this topic listing a number of indicators of quality in assessing new OA journals.

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