OA Journal now Largest Journal in World

PLoS ONE, an interactive open access journal for scientific and medical research, is now the largest peer-reviewed journal in the world (by number of published articles per year). See Heather Morrison’s charts comparing PLoS ONE (6,749 articles) to the next largest titles PHYS REV B (5782 articles) and APPL PHYS LETT (5449 articles).
As Peter Suber points out in this month’s SPARC Open Access Newsletter:
“Size isn’t quality. But a reputation for low quality would deter author submissions and function as a limit on size. When PLoS ONE launched in late 2006 and announced that it would review submissions for methodological soundness and rigor, but not for significance and impact, many OA skeptics and TA publishers predicted that it would become a warehouse for low quality. But that’s not what happened, in part because reviewing for soundness and rigor is a barrier against low quality. In fact, something else happened instead. Not only did PLoS ONE attract voluminous submissions, including breakthrough submissions. It attracted imitators from other publishers.”

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