SPARC Open Access Newsletter, issue #149

In the September Issue of the SOAN Peter Suber continues his contemplation of Garvey’s contention that ” … in some disciplines, it is easier to repeat an experiment than it is to determine that the experiment has already been done.” (See W.D. Garvey, Communication: The essence of science, Pergamon Press, Oxford 1979, p. 8.)
“In short, when we want to redo research, OA helps us do so. When we’d rather look up past research than redo it, OA helps us there too. OA doesn’t remove or reduce the need to test untested results, but it does remove the need to work around a dysfunctional access system.”
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ARL Webinar Series: Reshaping Scholarly Communication

4A: Broader Library Involvement in Building Programs—Organizational Strategy

Tuesday September 21, 11am-12pm, Rm 102, Murray Library
Program 4A will focus on the shifting roles of libraries and their staffs, specifically as it relates to broader involvement in scholarly communications activities. Speakers will discuss how libraries are conceiving of their work differently and how they are filling these needs. Case studies will highlight the time and energy scholarly communications activities are taking at their institutions and how the work is managed.
Scheduled Speakers
Karen Williams, Associate University Librarian for Academic Programs, University of Minnesota Libraries
Michael Furlough, Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communications and Co-Director, Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing, Penn State University
Doug Way, Head of Collections, Grand Valley State University
All are welcome!
Brought to you by the Learning and Development Committee, University of Saskatchewan Library
Here is a poster to advertise the event: Download file
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