New Study Suggests the Benefits of Green OA Exceed the Costs

The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) recently released the results of a commissioned study into the economic returns of public access policies (see the press release here).
The study, “The Economic and Social Returns on Investment in Open Archiving Publicly Funded Research Outputs,” was authored by John Houghton, Bruce Rasmussen, and Peter Sheehan of the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies at Victoria University, Australia. See the full report here.
The authors developed a model to measure the impacts of the proposed US Federal Research Public Access Act (FRPAA) on returns to public investment in R&D. Preliminary results indicate that “…over a transitional period of 30 years from implementation, the potential incremental benefits of the proposed FRPAA archiving mandate might be worth around 4 times the estimated cost…”
The “FRPAA would require that 11 U.S. government agencies with annual extramural research expenditures over $100 million make manuscripts of journal articles stemming from research funded by that agency publicly available via the Internet.”

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