SPARC Open Access Newsletter (SOAN), issue #146

SOAN #146 is now available!
In this edition Peter Suber discusses the 27 known cases of unanimous faculty votes for institutional OA policies. ROARMAP actually lists 90 university-based green OA policies but not all of these were unanimous or they were adopted solely by administrators.
Last year at this time there were 12 unanimously voted-in policies, now this number has more than doubled to 27. As Suber notes:
This is a special subset of green OA policies showing a very wide base of faculty support. It’s worth isolating because it provides especially strong evidence against the contention that faculty are indifferent or resistant to OA and “must be coerced” by mandates. That contention always ignored the survey evidence, got too much mileage out of the word “mandate”, and failed to take into account that mandates can be self-imposed by faculty, even self-imposed with enthusiasm and unanimity.”
And :
This special subset also jolts us to recognize the kind of consensus that is growing among faculty. When was the last time the faculty on your campus voted unanimously for a substantive policy of any kind? As unanimous votes become commonplace, we have to work to remember how rare and revealing they are.”