ARL Webinar Series: Reshaping Scholarly Communication

Part 2a: Managing Transformative Change: Campus Policy and Politics, or: So we’re not Harvard…

Wednesday April 14, 1:00-2:30pm, Rm 102, Murray Library

Program 2A will focus on campus mandate and policy issues, specifically the roles that libraries play in advocating for and supporting campus mandates and policies will be explored. Case studies discussing how libraries and academic institutions have prepared their communities to consider policy changes and how policy changes have transformed behaviours on these campuses will be presented. An overview of key considerations when entering into this type of discussion will also be addressed.
Scheduled Speakers
• Ada Emmett, Associate Librarian for Scholarly Communications, University of Kansas
• Lorraine Haricombe, Dean of Libraries, University of Kansas
• Marisa Ramirez, California Polytechnic State University
All are welcome!
Brought to you by the Learning and Development Committee, University of Saskatchewan Library. The Library has registered to the entire 8-part series. There will be approximately one part per month – so watch for upcoming webinars!
Here is a poster to advertise the event:Download file
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